Enis Öncüoğlu born in 1968. He graduated from the METU Faculty of Architecture in 1989. Since then he is practising architectural services both in Turkey and abroad. He has several awards in architectural competitions and his building designs have several real estate awards. He is married to Çağla Öncüoğlu and has a son Kaan Öncüoğlu.

His interest in photography comes from his father. His profession and his interest in travelling to different geographies and meeting new cultures empowered his interest in photography. Light is the most dominant tool in the perception of space in architecture, which is very similar to photography. Through time his interest leads him to an architectural portraits project where he took around 200 different Turkish architects' portraits which are exposed in 2 different exhibitions in Istanbul and in Ankara.

He finds freedom in photography in terms of his expression. Through his journey, he had several mentors he had chance to work with such as; Arel Kalender, Salih Güler, Burak Bulut Yıldırım, Murat Pulat and Anka Zhuravleva.

Among all, Arel Kalender had a unique influence on his style by teaching more than the technique but also how to read photography. He is currently working on 2 exhibitions which will take place by the end of 2022. His work is shared on this blog and your comments are highly appreciated.